Having a Manufacturing Company partner in Khorasan province, the major producer of saffron in Iran, we can provide the premium quality of different types of saffron with cheapest price which directly sourced from farmers. Iran is the biggest producers of saffron in the world (85% of the world’s saffron grown in a year, roughly about 390 tons!) We also have the health and quality certificates including ISO9001:2015, ISO22000:2005 and HALAL!

All Red (Sargol) Saffron

Sargol saffron is 100% pure saffron. Style (white part of Saffron) is removed from the bunch and all the Red Saffron is produced (Cut filament Saffron).  It also has a specific, powerful aroma.  It is considered to be high quality due to its lack of Yellow or Orange threads. Stigmas cut this way provide maximum flavor, aroma and natural dye in cooking and baking.Its coloring is red and rich and power, however, on the downside, Sargol saffron often contains crumbs and broken threads. 
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Super Negin Saffron

The most expensive and rare trim of Saffron. Super Negin saffron is known not only for being the most potent but also for its aesthetically pleasing features. Super Negin threads are longer in length and contain no yellow or orange threads. The threads are cut symmetrically and contain no crumbs. When comparing all the trims of Saffron, Super Negin is the most sought after for those who want the best of the best.

Negin Saffron

Our Negin Saffron comes in 3 grades, which provides cutomers with more pricing options. When compared to Sargol and Super Negin saffron varieteies, Negin saffron is longer in length (about 1.5 cm) and contains some yellow and orange portions of the thread. In simple words, the aroma, quality, and purity are still great however portions of the yellow and orange threads result in a lower lower quality. 
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Pushal/Poshal Saffron

Aftter extraction, the remaining parts are called Pushal. Our  Pushal saffron comes in3 grades. It does not have Sargol`s pure texture and premium quality, but the price is much cheaper than Sargol, Super Negin and Negin varieties. Also some consumers prefer to purchase Pushal saffron to be assured of saffron validity and authenticity.

Saffron Spray

Our saffron spray consists of pure Saffron Powder and purified water without any preservatives, ensuring complete health for our customers, The spray can itself is 80 ml. Many are interested in this product due to its ready-to-use nature for baking and cooking industries, 
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